Blog Update: Simmering September

Happy Fall, Ya’all!

The Novel Cauldron was a rolling boil this summer, then things considerably calmed down in September. Although the blog became quiet, I can assure you that delicious projects were simmering away.

Today I’m happy to share good news, give reading and writing updates, and establish a new publishing schedule for The Novel Cauldron Blog.

Glad to be back and excited to share what I’ve been brewing!

Celebrating a Milestone

Over the weekend, The Novel Cauldron Instagram celebrated the milestone of reaching 1,000 followers! I’m still absolutely shocked that my impulse Instagram account became a hub of such creative delight. When I knew I was ready to try my hand at blogging, it occurred to me that having some social media back up would be handy. I’ve always enjoyed Instagram and thought it would be a fun creative outlet.

It was so much more.

I’ve met such kind, wonderful people. We’re reading books together and sharing our creative efforts, and offering encouragement. It’s a truly special place.

Reading Update

I went into September with an idea of a reading theme. September felt like a transitional period. Time to unwind from the contemporary romance binge, but not quite time to dive fully into spooky reads. I was craving some melodrama and larger than life heroes. After consulting some friends, I settled on a fantastic theme:

#SexyScotSeptember fun on The Novel Cauldron Instagram

All was going well until The Paranormal Invasion began.

I met Dana and Kelly through the Seasonally Booked Up event they host on Twitter and Instagram. This summer was #TheSummerofSarahMacLean – and it was amazing. I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of the event and get swept into their group chat.

In the chat, a fantastic spin off group formed. Fans of The Fated Mate Podcast wanted to begin reading the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. My need for melodrama and larger than life has been met by this amazingly epic paranormal romance series. It is, as they say, totally bananas. I’m LOVING it.

Vampires, Valkyries, and Shifters invaded my reading list and I am NOT SAD.

Expect to hear more about my Immortals After Dark experience in the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you’d like to join an amazing group of romance readers consider joining Seasonally Booked Up for the next event #FallforJoannaShupe!

Let them know Emily at The Novel Cauldron sent you.

Seasonally Booked Up Fall Event #FallForJoannaShupe

So yes, my reading has been a bit erratic lately. But I’ve been reading some amazing books and having a blast. Looking forward to sharing my reviews with you soon.

Updates From the Writing Desk

Yup. Writing a book still. Don’t worry.

At the start of September, I stumbled into discovering Angela James’ 30 Day Accountability Challenge. I wanted to make progress on my book, as I actively work on my goal of finishing my draft by the end of the year.

It seemed that this challenge came at just the right time.

Angela encouraged the group to find practical, achievable goals. I thought it would be a great idea to give myself a daily word count goal. Well friends, I finally learned two very valuable lessons:

I don’t thrive with daily word count goals as my measure of achievement.

Large, online, accountability groups (such as this or NaNoWriMo) become more overwhelming than motivating.

I plan on writing a longer blog post about this experience, and these life lessons. It’s taken me longer than I care to admit to learn the lesson, and accept this about myself. I have a feeling other writers may struggle the way I have.

Angela James is a fantastic guide, and a wonderful support. In the group she provided encouragement to pivot goals, and honor your process. That’s what I’ve done.

After I abandoned word count, I went back to my pre-writing for a week and made some adjustments. This lead to me thinking about the world surrounding this book, and I made a plan for a grander multiple book series arc.

The next week I spent quality time on my main characters and fell in love with them and their love story.

Flowing into drafting again came very naturally. To close out the month, I’m going to fully draft their meet cute and we’ll see how it goes from there.

What’s Next for The Novel Cauldron?

Moving forward, expect to hear from me three days a week. Check in on Tuesday for reviews, Wednesday for reading updates, and Thursday will be a grab bag. You might get a bonus review, or a writing update, or maybe even a personal blog.

Hope this finds you well, friends!

Leave a comment and let me know what you’re reading, and what you’re looking forward to this fall.

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