Review: Fangs by Sarah Andersen

More than likely you’ve seen Sarah’s Scribbles floating around the internet. The comic follows the adventures and mishaps of a wild-haired artist. She loves her cats, attempts to manage her anxiety, and finds a balance between being spooky and adorable.

It’s near and dear to my heart.

When artist and creator Sarah Andersen announced the release of Fangs, a modern love story between a vampire and a werewolf, I knew I’d get something special.

It didn’t disappoint.

FANGS by Sarah Andersen is right at home on the romance book shelf

Simply, Fangs is a love story between a vampire and a werewolf. When Elise, a vampire, meets Jimmy the werewolf she must weigh the pros and cons of dating him… or eating him.

This is an opposites attract romance and we follow this unlikely pair through their day to day together. Tender, private moments are filled with the tongue and cheek macabre that is just delightfully campy without ever getting too corny.

This quick, breezy read is a lovely and spooky delight.

Andersen’s illustrations are evocative of the classic Edward Gorey style, which gives the book the friendly goth tone we love.

Let’s Talk About the Romance

My romance readers may take note that I use the term “love story” rather than “romance” and worry about if this delivers the HEA (Happily Ever After).

The graphic novel does not follow romance structure. It’s a series of lovely vignettes that is low conflict, but the central core of the story is “will they won’t they”?

Even if the book doesn’t follow standard structure, it definitely delivers on the HEA.

A highly satisfying read.

Recommendation Station

This book is a perfect Halloween gift for the sweetly spooky people in your lives.

I highly recommend getting a physical copy of the book. The hardback is absolutely gorgeous and makes for a great conversation piece. The attention to detail in the creation of this book brings me such joy. From the texture of the bold, red, fabric cover, to the black edged pages – this is a quality item that looks lovely on my shelves.

Fans of The Addam’s Family and The Nightmare Before Christmas need this immediately. If you’re favorite Disney attraction is The Haunted Mansion, this book belongs to you. If you’re a fan of Sarah Andersen’s illustrations, then please go forth and treat yourself to some spooky goodness.

You deserve it.

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