#ReadDigital January 2021 Challenge

Stef from Noveltea Corner has released her January 2021 #ReadDigital Challenge!

The #ReadDigital Challenge is a “very low-key reading challenge to encourage everyone to read ebooks, audiobooks, digital comics, fanfic or any other ‘digital’ reading content they have that they just haven’t had time to pick up yet.”

Well, it just so happens a very lucky someone got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas from her husband and has been filling it with books like they’re going out of style.

It’s me. I’m the lucky someone who has gone on a wild book binge.

So. Many. Books.


Clearly, a Digital Reading Challenge is exactly what I need!

What will be the first book of my #ReadDigital Challenge?

Let’s find out!

Pretty in pink journals and kindles

Ta da!

Because I found Stef through the Psy-Changeling Readalong she’s co-hosting, I thought Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh would be the perfect kickoff to my #ReadDigital challenge. But which prompt will it fill?

The Challenge Prompts

Read with your favourite drink: There is nothing better than a good book and a warm drink. I really love these challenges that are reading adjacent.

Read a book you meant to read in 2020: There’s always that book that got away, isn’t there. Well, let’s read it in January!

Read the newest book on your TBR: My TBR has been filling up so fast this month! But I think I have a the perfect book picked for this challenge.

Read a book with purple on the cover: Purple is absolutely my color. I’m rocking the #purplehairdontcare look and I’m prepared to go #twinning with my book

Write a review for a book you read: I love this! We can help support the writers we love. I just updated my Goodreads and I’m ready to start writing reviews this year.

Read a book with a one word title: There’s nothing more bold and dramatic than a one word title, right?

Read a favourite author: What a treat! I know who I’m going to read. Did you immediately know who you’d pick? Leave me a comment and tell me who.

Read a new-to-you author: Something old and something new. Perfect!

Read in your favourite spot: I think it would be more of a challenge to get me away from my favorite reading spot. Happy to indulge in some hygge.

Love a Bingo Board!

Slave to Sensation will tick the “Newest Book on Your TBR” slot when I’ve finished reading it!

If you’re going to join the #ReadDigital Challenge, let me know in the comments and then go visit Noveltea Corner!

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