Simple Pleasures Book Stack Tag

This is book blog, a safe space that celebrates romance books and the bookish community. This was not the post I had planned for today, but as I’ve been processing my feelings over the current events my heart told me to speak truly.

It seems wrong pushing forward like nothing has happened. It seems wrong not to acknowledge that I’m ashamed, devastated, afraid, and weary. It seems wrong to not acknowledge the pain permeating our country.

So here is a moment of acknowledgment.

Now, I’m going to shift it to a moment of appreciation.

Those of you who walk the path of action, you’re seen, supported and appreciated. Thank you for the fight. Thank you for your voices. Remember to hydrate and to take time in stillness as you can.

For those of us, like me, who walk a quiet, reflective path, I hope you’re taking good care of yourself in addition to those who you love. Remember to hydrate and be open to find a way to act that feels right.


Now, if you’re still with me, here’s where it comes back to books. In 2020 books were my bright spot when things got rough. That hasn’t changed in 2021. In fact, it feels like I’m leaning on my books harder than ever.

As I was working through my thoughts and feelings, I felt the need to create something but I wasn’t feeling super high energy. I just wanted a little bit of simple, happy, goodness – and, of course, I turned to my books.

I made a little stack of books in colors that bring me joy. I’m really into winter pastels right now. Berry, soft pinks, and vibrant blues, and purple for days. I took a little quiet time to arrange my books and snapped a picture I found pleasing.

Here it is!


Nothing fancy. It was a simple exercise that brought me some happiness. Then I decided to share it as a small gesture of sharing goodness.

Because books are always good. Like pets, babies, and cupcakes. You share a picture of any of those things and it’s automatically goodness. That’s just the way the rules work.

Share the Goodness

For some extra goodness, I tagged some of my Bookstagram friends and encouraged them to make their own stack of simple happy goodness. The theme is purposefully broad because it’s about what feels good to the creator in the moment and I loved seeing the variety of bookstacks!

TheReadingYearofHattie shared a collection of her favorite books and favorite authors. Lots of Lisa Kleypas, Kresley Cole, and Sarah MacLean. A woman of taste.

Bookmarkaret embraced a sea-foam color coordination and included a plushie narwhal! I squealed with delight. Narwhals are a source of great joy.

Alys.inBooksWonderland had double the stack, double the fun. She included her favorite western romances and a whole stack dedicated to PUPPIES on the cover books! What a great combo.

Consider Yourself Tagged

I’d love to see what simple happy goodness means to you right now.

If this sounds like a fun exercise that will bring you joy this week, collect some books and take a picture and share it! If you tag me on your blog, or on Instagram, I’ll be sure to come visit and gush over your amazing creative efforts.

Take good care, friends. Find some happy this Friday. And remember to hydrate.

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